Join us for our 2nd Annual...

March 18-22, 2013

Inspired by current reality TV shows like Survivor, The Apprentice, The Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser, your leadership skills will be put to the test!

"I believe you can. I believe you will."

                                                                            -Kelly R. Rasmussen, ABD, ENP

Looking for an extraordinary leadership training in Las Vegas?  You've come to the right place!  Kelly R. Rasmussen is your leadership expert.  Kelly is quickly approaching her PhD with an emphasis on leadership.  She has been a full-time speaker and trainer since 2007 and is ready to share her knowledge and skills with you.  With a Masters Degree in Communications and a history of saving lives, Kelly is ready to show you how to effectively lead YOUR way.

Watch the video for highlights of our
Leadership Reality Adventure 

Here's what the 2012 Attendees said:

"Way beyond anything I had imagined!"


"WOW!!  That one word says it all!"

"Made the class about us and was effective in bringing out the lessons."

"Learned when to lead and when to follow."

"Passionate!  Intuitive!  Makes participants stretch."

"Class was valuable.  Enjoyed the diversity of activities."

"The week was an excellent use of time."

"This is a course that forces you to use your skills.  It is amazing what I learned from it and how I can use what I learned in my career."

"Kelly has a way of getting to know you and identifying your needs like no other instructor I've ever had.  She cares and it shows in a powerful way through her teaching!"

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This is YOUR Leadership Reality Adventure that tests your problem-solving, team building, decision-making, strategizing and prioritizing skills.


You will visit various locations in Las Vegas for events, activities and tasks. When you complete the task, you will receive your “LEAD” to the next activity. If you do not complete an activity or if you miss the activity, you will lose points for your team.

You must, as a team, complete all activities in a timely manner to earn points and various rewards throughout the week.

This week-long Leadership Development Course is designed as a “Reality Adventure” and includes:

  • Transportation to tasks as required
  • Admission to all leadership reality adventure tasks
  • Boardroom meetings for seminar and debriefings by Kelly R. Rasmussen
  • PLUS – Bonuses throughout the week that may be offered only once since each Leadership Reality Adventure course will feature different activities and prizes.

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For one incredibly low payment of just $997


If you prefer to make 4 low payments of $250


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